Well hello there, Poplin client! Welcome to the client access section. Here you'll find additional resources to ensure you are looking and feeling your best. Please enjoy and thanks again for being here. 


Recommended Retailers

You know how excited I get about finding just the right item for you. Check out this list of some of my very favorite retailers around town and on the web. I'm constantly adding new retailers to the mix. So, if you are looking for something new, check back periodically. 


Services for Existing Clients

Wishlist Subscriptions

Whether you'd like a wishlist of 8-10 items every month, every other month or once a quarter, wishlist subscriptions are the way to go. They save you time and money. Name your desired frequency and prepay for the  year for a 10% discount. Individual wishlists are $200 each. 

Additional Services

You know what I always say, once a client, always a client. If you are looking for a style refresh check the Client Price List first for detailed information. The services page offers detailed descriptions of each service. Don't see what you need? Just reach out. I'm happy to support your style goals in a way that works for you. 

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Easy Ways to Give Back

My previous life was in philanthropy. In fact, it's been a career filled with "helping." But, I must say, being a personal stylist is the most gratifying work I've ever done. Thanks to you, I'm able to really make a difference in people's lives. If you are looking for easy ways to do just that, here are a few that bring a lot of joy and have a major impact. I'm focusing on some of my personal favorite organizations, but feel free to apply these techniques to give back to whatever organization you love in a way that works for you. 

1. Hosting a Clothing Swap for Charity. This blog post gives you step by step instructions on hosting your very own swap.

2. Donating clothes to YouthCareWe enthusiastically accept clothing for men and women including accessories and shoes for the Poplin YouthCare Styling Sessions each month. You can contact me or YouthCare directly to get pieces you no longer wear to homeless youth who can rock them with confidence at work. 

3. Donating formal and cocktail attire to the F-Factor and Ruby Room. These two organizations help at risk youth including foster youth look and feel their best. Are you really planning to wear that bridesmaid dress again? 

4. Sitting at the Poplin Tables at the YouthCare Luncheon in March. Join other Poplin clients, local boutique owners, makers and friends to support YouthCare's work to get homeless youth ages 16-24 off the streets. 

5. Attending the F-Factor Blue Ribbon Gala in April. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to rock a gown and support foster youth. 

Have questions? Just ask! 

Style Extras

As a Poplin client, you likely received six installments of style extras. My goal is to ensure you feel supported and your questions are answered. These extras are intended to do just that. If you'd like to refresh your memory, each component is below. 


Finding the Right Bra

Undergarments are as important as your outfit. Take a look for some strategies to find the right bra as well as suggestions for how to deal with bras that no longer serve you and your style goals.


5 Types of Underwear and When to Wear Each

Your outfit rocks, but your underwear lines certainly do not. Here are some helpful hints when choosing underwear for each look. 


How to Make Your Shoes Work for You

If you can only invest in two things, go for the coat and shoes. This part of the series isn't about car shoes (shoes that you can only wear in the car but never to actually walk). Oh, no. This is all about making sure your super stylish shoes are functional for  your super amazing life. This might be my favorite segment.... Shhh.


Wackadoodle and Yet Totally Necessary Bras to Ensure You Own Your Look

Don't let the struggle about what bra to wear keep you from buying that kick ass dress. Here's everything you need to know before you start shopping.


Essential Style Tools

I'm always going on and on about my steamer, a good fabric shaver and so much more. These are my very essential style tools to keep you looking and feeling your best, without spending extra cash constantly replacing pieces. 


You Know You Need a Tailor When....

Yes, you are at that level when a tailor can make a direct impact on your quality of life. Let's go beyond hemming and understand exactly when you need a tailor. 


Thanks again for enjoying this page! If you'd like other resources, please reach out. I always appreciate your feedback. Enjoy!