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Style keywords

  • Put together 
  • Fun
  • Classic 
  • Inspires confidence
  • Approachable
  • Cheerful


Naturally balanced petite.

Celebrities with your silhouette: Emma Watson, Nicole Richie, Olivia Palermo, Lea Michele & Kelly Rippa. 

Style approach

You can wear almost anything as long as it doesn't overwhelm your size. Keep it simple and chic. 


Wishlist recommendations

Want personalized, ongoing recommendations for items to extend your wardrobe? Set up a wishlist program and I will post 5-8 must-have pieces here every month. 

Complimentary wishlist, Febuary, 2014

Wishlist March, 2016 Password: Kim2.0


Once we've updated your wardrobe, this is where you'll find images of a whole range of outfits you can make from your new closet. 


Colors (Light Cool/ Light Summer)










Bleu de France

Bleu de France

Dark pastel green  

Dark pastel green




Deep purple

Deep purple

Forest green

Forest green



  • Should fall to the widest part of your hips or shorter. 
  • Wearing a top that is the same color as your pants or skirt elongates your frame and is especially flattering.
  • For patterns- stick with vertical stripes or prints that are proportional to your frame and don't overwhelm. 
  • Tailored shirts or blazers 
  • Form fitted tops 
  • Cinched, banded or belted blouses
  • Three quarter length sleeves

Avoid: Anything this is too large and not tailored to your frame. Extra large prints that overwhelm.


  • Skinny pants
  • Slim fit bootleg cuts
  • Wide leg is fine as long as you balance out your frame with heels and a slim fitting top
  • Prints that are proportional to your frame
  • Vertical stripes elongate you
  • Wearing the same color pant as your top makes you appear taller, as well. 

Avoid:  Baggy pants or anything that is not tailored to fit you. Ensure the length is correct and have jeans hemmed with the original bottom.


  • Hemlines above the knee are especially flattering.
  • Mini skirts
  • Shorter shorts
  • Above the knee
  • Pencil skirts
  • Tulip skirts

Avoid: Anything that overwhelms your frame like large prints or skirts that are below the knee.


  • Sheath and tailored cuts
  • Hemlines above the knee
  • Vertical patterns or monochromatic to elongate
  • Prints are great, just keep them in proportion to your frame. 
  • Dresses in petite sizes and/or tailored to fit your frame
  • Fit and flare styles including A-line
  • Belted options

Avoid: Baggy or oversized options. Especially low cut dresses with a shorter skirt. Maxi dresses or anything with a hemline below the knee.


  • Tailored blazers
  • Keep it proportional. Your jackets should fall to the widest part of your hips or shorter. 
  • Prints are great, as long as the size of the print is proportional to your frame. 

Avoid: Baggy, untailored jackets or jackets with an overwhelmingly large print.


  • Heels are great on you as they elongate your frame. Try wedges or shoes with an ankle strap. 
  • As long as you are maintaining balance with your top half, you can wear most shoes. 


  • Accessories (handbags, jewelry, etc.) that are proportional to your frame. 

Avoid: Accessories that throw off your natural balance or overwhelm your frame. If wearing a bulky scarf, wear bulky shoes. Same with necklaces and earrings, etc. 

Recommended Retailers (all Made in America or Fair Trade, per your request)


Dagg and Stacey (recycled and vintage fabrics). Also can be found at Velouria.

Feral Childe

AG Jeans. Also can be found at Anthropologie and Nordstrom. 

SkunkFunk* (Fair Trade, but not made in America. Read more about their sustainability practices.)


Nordstrom (search "Made in America" and filter for petites) 


J Crew Outlet and J Crew. Including responsible sourcing.

Madewell is a J Crew company. Therefore it has the same policy on responsible sourcing.

Banana Republic not made in America, but they do have a line made from organic materials.

Miz Mooz at Infinity Shoes. NYC company.

Sole Food. 

Vintage and pre-loved finds from Citizen Rosebud. (no store. She posts on Etsy and ebay)