7 Ways to Do the 80's Right. Seriously. Trust Me.

Here's the thing, how many times have you said (or heard someone say), "I only do a decade once. I wore X the first time, so I'm not doing it again?" 

As a personal stylist for women, I've heard a collection of those fashion "true-isms." Get rid of something that you haven't worn in a year (myth). Plus size women shouldn't wear X (myth). And, of course, you can't do the same decade or piece twice (myth). I say all of this to encourage you to believe that yes, my Dear Reader, whether or not you lived through the 80's, there are ways you can integrate 80's inspired trends into your modern wardrobe and love them. Here are just a few. 

7 Ways to Integrate 80's Inspired Trends

into Your Modern Look

Awww, Shux.

The past few months I've become totally immersed in the world of women. You might think that happened years ago; but truthfully, it had not. Between my membership at the Riveter (the incredible co-working space for female entrepreneurs in Capitol Hill) and my regular meetings with my tribe of inspiring, resourceful, bright and ambitious fellow business owners, I'm all in. 

So, I was especially delighted to host a Poplin client party at our house over the weekend. Viewing the video footage, I can't believe that I was drinking. It's clear, I was high on life, as they say:) 

One component of this magical evening was the documentation. Chamonix Thurston Rattue, the talent behind the original Poplin Style brand video, was at the gathering to take photos and video of the evening including Naked Truth Beauty and Everling Jewelry who wowed attendees. 

Now, Chamonix has written a really lovely and humbling blog post about the evening which also includes client testimonials. So, if you were there, please enjoy. If you weren't, know that you were missed and take a look at the footage. Also, we'd love to see you at the Universal Standard event on Sunday, August 27th. Enough talk. Take a look! 

A Big Night for Poplin Clients, Everling Jewelry & Naked Truth Beauty

Sometimes you just want to scan a photo gallery. Lucky for you, I just posted two galleries from last night's client event featuring Naked Truth BeautyEverling Jewelry AND a

A Wishlist for the Reader

This week's newsletter is a little like a wishlist for the reader. I structured it in the way I structure wishlists, explaining how to pair items together. I just sent it out last night and have received so much positive feedback that I thought I'd encourage blog readers to take a look, as well. Here you go and enjoy!

Get it, Girl! 

Naked Truth Beauty is Finally Available in Seattle!

Let us begin with my obsession with Naked Truth Beauty. The founder, Lauren Evashenk, makes luscious makeup for lips, cheeks & eyes that is totally 100% natural. No chemicals. No words you can't pronounce. Only quality ingredients that you feel good about on your body. Plus, they look great! 

In fact, I haven't worn makeup all summer (shhh) except

It's on! Exclusive Event for Poplin Readers at Universal Standard's Showroom. RSVP Now.

Are you kidding me?! One of my favorite brands, Universal Standard, opened a showroom in Redmond. What's a showroom you ask? It means that it's not a standard retail store. You make an appointment for a visit and expect to find a wide variety of pieces that aren't available on the website. This is VERY exciting because the only other showroom is in New York City. 

If you think that's exciting, there's MUCH more. 

Say, "Hello!" to New Packages and Extra Love

Who could have ever imagined that this business would be so empowering, creative, gratifying AND give me the opportunity to interact with such incredible women? Okay, well, I imagined that. But, it actually came together! Woot!

As a personal stylist for women, I'm continually working to improve my process for my clients. I solicit feedback and experiment. If you subscribe to the Poplin newsletter, you know all about my experimentation. Right now, you're receiving my favorite things in your inbox every Friday. I stumble upon loads of pieces I adore that just aren't right for the client I'm working with at the time. But, I hate to keep them to myself. This new approach allows me to share those finds with you, Dear Reader, and gives me the unending joy of telling someone about a glorious piece. This makes me very happy.

Something else that makes me happy is ensuring the Poplin packages are the absolute best they can be. This leads us to today's announcement: new and improved packages. 

Brand Spanking New Poplin Package Upgrades

Guest Post: Best Selling Author Julie Pierce's New Program to Attract the Love of Your Dreams

I've mentioned this before, but I'm continually astonished by the incredible women I've met thanks to Poplin. In fact, I'm hosting a private client event soon to get them all together because let's face it: amazing women simply must be connected to one another. For those of you who are part of the larger Poplin community via social media and the blog, thank YOU. It's important to me that you also have access to some of these women who inspire me to dive into new things everyday. This is why I'm sharing a guest post from international best selling author (and Poplin client) Julie Pierce. Julie is intuitive, direct, creative and savvy. In short, she's all the things. Please enjoy and let me know what you think about hearing from clients. 


No brainer:

Feel good = Love life

How you dress impacts how you feel about yourself, which permeates how you show up and how you are perceived. This is also true

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Without Compromising Your Style.

As a personal stylist for women in Seattle, I hear a lot from women who love shopping but feel guilty about the impact on the earth. Not to worry. There are ways to supplement your wardrobe without sacrificing our environment. 

1. Sustainable Textiles Don't Have To Mean Hippy Style. 

Below are a few retailers working to decrease the impact on the earth while still keeping you looking your best. 

What I've Learned from Styling Homeless Youth.

Below is a blog post from 2014. Several media outlets are sharing stories about efforts to end homelessness throughout the day as part of the Homeless in Seattle Project. The goal is to encourage policy makers to see this issue as a top priority. There's so much good work happening in this area and yet so much more is needed. Share these stories, donate to organizations doing this work, reach out to your electeds about this issue- share the articles with them. If nothing else, when you are out and about today, look a homeless person in the eye and acknowledge him/ her/ them. People experiencing homelessness often talk about how upsetting it is to be viewed as, "taking up space" or "not being seen as a person." Doing this matters. And when you do it, encourage others to do it, too. Now, to the post!


We've just wrapped up a year of styling homeless youth at YouthCare. With my previous life in philanthropy, I know how much energy it takes for an organization to invest in volunteers and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. 

For the past year, various members of the Poplin team and I have held styling sessions for graduates of YouthCare's Barista Training Program. Lisa Angeles Guise from the One Eighty Foundation has been volunteering with us every step of the way. The graduates are homeless or formerly homeless youth (generally teens to early twenties). We hold 2-3 hour sessions that start with a powerpoint explaining what is appropriate clothing in the work place. It includes activities to help youth find their personal professional style and to reinforce that you don't have to spend a great deal of money to look amazing. Working with the YouthCare team, our goal was to give grads a glimpse of Corporate America and assist with YouthCare's work to empower youth to succeed.

So, after a year of volunteering, we've learned quite a bit. Here are a few of my take-aways.

What I've Learned From Styling Homeless Youth


1. Everyone cares how they look.

As a teenager, as far as I was concerned, my clothes and the music I listened to defined me. They helped communicate to the world who I was, what I liked and what I valued. They mattered. Just because someone doesn't have a predictable roof over his or her head, doesn't mean that he or she should be grateful for any old sweatshirt. To the contrary, if you only have one outfit, and you are on your own, what you are wearing becomes that much more important to you. And, if we can give them that sense of self and still make sure their clothes are professional, then it all comes together. 


2. You either did or did not learn a lot from mom and dad. 

One of the most moving parts of this experience is watching my husband style the young men. So far, I've seen him teach three fellas to tie a tie. He talks with them about their measurements, about fit, about coordinating pieces. One young man told us that he had never had someone take that kind of time before. It was incredible. 

People often assume that everyone has a person, at least one person, who takes the time to explain the world to them. To show them how to tie a tie. But, they don't. And if a young man, for instance,  missed the opportunity for a trusted adult to guide him through these rituals of society, it's likely that he either doesn't know who to ask or may not want to reveal to others that he doesn't know.

Then what? He doesn't even have the opportunity to wear a tie to a job interview? It's the little things that can make all the difference.


3. Sometimes too much attention is too much attention.

This one was big for me. Because we know that many of these kids haven't received a lot of one on one attention in their lives, we wanted to give them the same experience that a client would receive. After all, as a personal stylist, it's all about the client. 

But, this level of attention can be a lot to digest. Every person is different and some folks just need a little space. 


4. There's functional and then there's functional. 

When I work with clients, we're talking about what is functional for their lives. Can they sit on the floor with their kids while still rocking their work attire, for instance? With homeless youth, function is at an entirely different level. If a youth is still homeless, can he/or she carry these clothes? Where will he store them? Can she walk in these shoes? I mean REALLY walk in these shoes. 


5. Everyone wants to help.

It's hard to say what is the most powerful part of this work. But, somewhere at the top of the list is the outpouring of support from friends, clients, blog readers and the like. And, thank goodness. These sessions are only possible if we have enough clothes and shoes for the graduates. In fact, we're considering increasing the number of sessions, but that is only possible if we have enough donations of clothing. So, thanks to each of you who have given so far and those that will give in the future. I know you can't be there to see it in person (and we don't photograph the youth); but the perfect dress or pants really can transform someone's life. Really. 

So, at this time of year when we all count our blessings, the Poplin team and I will be thanking the good folks at YouthCare for looking out for these kids and giving us all opportunities to be a part of the effort. 

Must Know Now.

Man, my life is filled with hot tips. As a personal stylist for women, I'm fortunate to learn about all sorts of innovative, surprising and delightful things. Thanks very much to those of you who send info my way and to all of you for listening when I offer up ideas. My list of cool things is getting too long to manage, so I'm going to share it with you here and recycle the piece of paper. Let's hear it for efficiency. 

Super Cool Things That are Top of Mind Right Now.

Crazy deals from my favorite retailers right now

Every other Friday, Poplin subscribers receive the Poplin on Point email. Affectionately known as POP. This is jam packed with my favorite sales, giveaways and deals right now. Some are local, some are online. All are worth your time. This week, we shared some stellar deals and announced the winner of the Geneva dress from Universal Standard and Poplin. It's so good, I have to share. Enjoy!

Poplin on Point!

Styling Up Your FREE Geneva Dress from Universal Standard

Let's begin with the reason I'm such an evangelist for Universal Standard . (In case you are wondering, these aren't sponsored posts. Poplin just gets a dress to give away.) I really just love this brand. As you likely know, we're giving away one Geneva dress to a lucky Poplin email list subscriber. You can increase your chances of winning by sharing the giveaway and can have an even greater shot by entering multiple times. So, why are we doing this?

Well, US starts at size 10 and let me tell you, as a personal stylist for women, that space between size 10 and 16 is a tricky area. It's pretty common for our weight to fluctuate (mine certainly does) and when your fluctuation causes you to go from "straight sizes" to plus sizes, that often adds a layer of judgement, defeat and frankly, fewer fashionable choices. I'm not a trainer or a nutritionist, etc. Therefore, my general feeling is you don't need to change your body, you just need to change your clothes. Should you choose to tackle weight loss, you are more likely to succeed when you feel beautiful everyday in  your clothes. Should you choose not to go down that path, you'll still be happier looking beautiful everyday. In short, it's a win win. 

Universal Standard allows women to stick with the same great brand they love even if/when their weight fluctuates past 14. Even better? If your size changes within a year of purchase, you can exchange your piece for your current size. Seriously. Yes, US is everything.

We're looking forward to the brick and mortar store opening in the coming months. At that point, keep your eyes peeled for a Poplin event at the shop. For now, it's all about winning this Geneva dress! So take a look below at my suggestions for styling, just to get you started. Have thoughts, feelings, or questions? Please share! And remember to enter and/or share with a woman in your life who'd love to win!

How to Style the Geneva Dress from Universal Standard

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts/ Glorious Gifts for the Fellas. Go!

As you know, Dear Reader, I'm a personal stylist for women primarily in the Seattle area. But, that certainly doesn't keep me from diving into all sorts of super cool menswear options. I'm always keeping a list of noteworthy options for the men and at some point is just gets too long to keep to  myself any longer. Lucky for us, Father's Day is a nice excuse to share a sea of awesomeness that will be helpful to you now and in the future. Let me know what you think!

10 Places to Shop and Things to Buy for

the Fella in Your Life.

Win the Geneva Dress From Universal Standard!

If you read the blog with any regularity, you know what a big fan I am of Universal Standard. The fashion forward brand makes high quality pieces that are functional and fashionable beginning at size 10. They are amazing. 

In the next few months, US is setting up shop in Redmond, WA! It's crazy. And by crazy, I mean crazy wonderful. At that point, you'll be able to head into the store and try on pieces. For now, it's all about ordering online. Or, you could start things out by winning your very own Geneva dress. (That's my favorite and the colors. Oh, my!).

In order to be entered to win, you simply need to be on the Poplin email list. Want to increase your chances? That's easy! Here are some ways to increase your entries:

Sign up for the newsletter (required and equals one entry).

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest for more chances to win. And, hey, if you feel like really going for the gold, share with a friend directly. When you do, you have 20, count them, 20 entries in this giveaway getting you much closer to your very own Universal Standard dress.

Let's get to it. Start here  or head to http://poplinstyle.com/giveaway to enter to win!

What else? Well, sure it's easy to pair this beauty. But, if you would like a few extra ideas on styling up pieces from the brand, keep your eyes on the blog in the coming weeks. Remember, all entries must be received by Thursday, June 22nd at 6PM PST. The winner will be announced in the Poplin newsletter. 

Best of luck, Dear Reader. I'm rooting for you! 

P.S. Here's that link to enter again:)


More Client Photos: Swathy: Elegant, Sophisticated, Fun

Swathy and I hit it off right away. She's in grad school, studying to be a school counselor. On any given day she can be working at a school, in class or meeting up with friends in the city. When we started working together, she was engaged and now she's married. So, I've had the pleasure of watching her go from rocking leggings and a top on the daily to the stylish, confident woman who is diving into the next phase of her life. 

On a budget, we worked with

Who Knew? THIS Brand is Making Fashion Forward Shoes at a Great Price point?

I've spent full days going through the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale inventory. As a personal stylist, I create wishlists and Uber Wishlists for my clients on a regular basis. Each consists of a list of pieces that fill a need for my client right now. Uber Wishlists (20-30 items) are a one time purchase whereas wishlists (8-10 items) are available individually or on a subscription basis. The beauty of each list is that it takes into account my client's lifestyle, budget, personal style, body type AND the pieces she already owns. After all, why start from scratch when you already have a closet filled with pieces. 

While wishlists allow me to recommend pieces from a wide variety of retailers, the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale and Anniversary are times when clients specifically request items from the sale. So, I've been living on the Nordstrom site. 

And, during this adventure I've discovered something thrilling.

Conquering Chafing, Sweat and Other Undesirable Issues that Come with Hot Weather

Finally, sunshine. As a personal stylist for women, I'm keenly aware that warm weather is both a blessing and a curse for many among us. If you find that your thighs rubbing together is not only undesirable, but actually hurts, you are not alone. How about sweat from the girls up top? These are especially common issues that up until now have been "solved" with baby powder or simply toughing it out. 

Enter Megababe Beauty Products. Designed by the woman behind the 12-ish style, these all natural products are aimed at solving these ever present issues. I heard about it and had to share. 


Megababe Products that Address Your

Summertime Challenges

"I wouldn't wear that, but it works for her."

We're VERY excited to share brand new client photos over the next few weeks. If you've been following Poplin on social media, you've likely seen us out in the elements during client photo shoots. Photographer Amy Catherine Paine and Hair/Makeup Artist Kat St.John were part of the collaborative effort to show off these incredible women.

First off, Lauren's photos are now on the site. She's a CEO who knows how to rock an unexpected piece by an obscure maker. In short, she is bad ass. When we met, she said, "I want people to say, 'I'd never wear that, but it works for her.'"

Take a look at her story and her photos. More to come! 

We Have a Winner!

Enormous thanks to each of you who entered to win a FREE pair of shoes from the re-souL collection. Each pair is made in Italy, designed in Ballard, super stylish and comfortable. If you are on the Poplin email list, you are automatically entered into drawings. So, make sure you are on the list!