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It's always fun to view before and after photos of people to see their transformation. But at Poplin, we believe that the client already has a personal style, and we are here to help her communicate that to the world. Using the client's body type, coloring, lifestyle and three words that communicate her style, we provide easily accessible tools to transform a woman's look. No before or after. Just now and moving forward. 

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Fearless, Costume-y, Steampunk


Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John

Lauren expresses herself through her clothing. She prefers pieces that feel like artwork. Over the years, she struggled to find ways to put all of those interesting pieces together into cohesive outfits. She balances running an international organization, frequently interacting with CEOs and heads of state with motherhood, working from home and presenting to large audiences. We developed a strategy to stay true to her style while simplifying her routine and introducing key pieces to bring it all together. 

From the client:

Let me save you some time: just pick up the phone now, call Mellicia, and make an appointment.  You will never look back…No more digging through things that don't work for me -- my closet is a dream these days -- and mornings are fun again… Best of all, Mellicia is totally honest while respecting what her clients want.  She helped me narrow down what I really like and am most comfortable in, then helped me tailor choices that were appropriate to the situation. 

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Aggressively Whimsical, Fun, Sophisticated


Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John

When I met Mandy, she was a big fan of another client’s style. “I want that,” she declared. But together, we discovered that she has her own style that is fearless, fun and polished. As a technology executive her position includes corporate travel to Europe plus work at the local office. Her style strategy is all about finding pieces that express who she is in any environment and understanding how to tweak her look to suit the occasion without sacrificing her sense of self.

From the client:

My life is now divided into "Before Mellicia" and "After Mellicia". In the Before Mellicia times, I'd spent eons idling in front of my closet, surveying the wasteland of anything that could be construed as an outfit.  Sure I had clothes, but nothing that resembled style. After Mellicia, going into my closet is a much more "hell yeah!" kind of experience….Besides being a delightful person to work with, Mellicia provided tactical, actionable advice that I could take away and dress myself like a pro on my own.

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Rock ‘n Roll Meets Modern, Corporate Sophisticate


Photography: Amy Catherine Paine
Hair and Makeup: Kat St. John

As a fertility coach, Julie works to empower women who are facing great challenges. She also is the mom of a young son and has a varied schedule everyday. Whether she’s at a conference, working with clients or taking her son to school, her look needed to reflect her authentic self. We wanted to show the world that she is a strong woman who is capable to take on life’s biggest obstacles and empower others to do the same.

From the client:

I hate shopping ... unless it's with Mellicia. An added bonus in our work together was seeing myself in whole new, more confident way. If you've ever thought working with a stylist was a luxury for other people, think again. Work with Mellicia -- it's a great way to practice loving, self-care.

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Hip, Sophisticated with Masculine Influences


Anneliese is the very definition of cool. She’s creative, works in technology, and is the hip mom of dreams. When we met, she already had a very strong sense of style. What she was lacking was an understanding of how to dress her body, especially as it changed over the years. How does one look cool without dressing inappropriately for her age and looking like she’s trying too hard.

Approach: Building on Anneliese’s sense of style, we started with identifying her body type and letting that drive decisions about how to select pieces. Then, it was all about shopping at the right retailers for her urban, effortless and sophisticated personal style.

From the client:

Mellicia is a warm and wonderful person who is highly skilled at reading people and honing in on the things that will get you where you want to be, style-wise…. Bottom line: You only live once, you might as well look good!

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Divya C. 

Classy, Distinctive, Confident


As a busy mom with a successful career in technology, Divya didn’t have much extra time to dive into her personal style. So when her husband bought her the 360 Package as a gift after the birth of her first child, it was a welcome opportunity to bring in some outside help. Fast forward two years. As her family prepared for her second child, it was once again time to bring her bold, feminine style into her maternity wear and beyond.

Approach: Create a strategy for Divya to understand how to quickly select pieces that are flattering for her frame. Focus on options that are functional for her life but still communicate that she is a leader in her field. Recommend new retailers and pieces that will make her look and feel like her authentic self.

From the client:

Mellicia helped me discover not only new brands and styles but also encouraged me to expand my wardrobe in a way that made feel confident and comfortable. Her insights on what styles and looks complement my body type were invaluable. I continue to reference them when dressing up or shopping for new outfits.

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Brooke A.

Preppie, Effortless, Bad Ass


Brooke is climbing her way to the top in her career. Her work in sales requires her to make the right first impression. When we met, she was ready to take her look to the next level. She wanted to be more polished, but still age appropriate. Brooke especially loves the color pink and her trusty Converse sneakers; but was struggling to incorporate those elements into a more sophisticated look that was still authentic to her personal style.

Approach: Leverage Brooke’s array of current and flattering pieces by supplementing with the right new items to bring all the elements together. Teach her how to style outfits that blend tailored pieces with on trend items. Create a strategy for shopping that ensures she picks up only pieces (whether dressy or casual) that maintain her polished style.

From the client:

We all have that one outfit we just love, and feel super confident in...but imagine if all your clothes were like that. This is how Mellicia helped me transform my attitude and outlook about clothes. If you feel good about how you look and what you're wearing, the day seems much easier to conquer. 

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Urban-Boho, Polished, Funky


Kate's clothes were a major form of self expression in her college days. As time went by, she found herself struggling with pieces that were both age appropriate and still very hip. Working in technology for a fashion retailer, she has freedom to express herself at the office, but had lost sight of how to do that. At the time of this shoot, Kate has been a client for over two years receiving regular wishlists that keep her style current. 

Approach: Make sure that Kate's style distinguishes her from the mainstream, but is still polished and functional for her life as a mom of a young daughter. Also, work with her body type to highlight her assets and show her ways to mix patterns and prints for a more fun wardrobe that is authentic to her naturally hip style.

From the client: 

I had no idea how she was going to blend "Funky, Feminine with an Edge, Urban-Boho, Polished" but she totally nailed my style. 

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Classic, Boho, Stylish


Chieni was ready for a full on transformation. When we met, she told me that she hadn’t invested in new pieces that she loved, “since I had the girls.” Her oldest is nine. She struggled with what to choose, why to choose it and how it could work for her lifestyle. Chieni works with children and frequently sees her clothes damaged and destroyed. So, opting to invest in new items seemed impractical, and yet she was dissatisfied with her overall look. Plus she loved boho pieces but found herself at a loss with how to wear them.

Approach: Help Chieni fall in love with the feeling of looking great and use this to motivate her to add that little extra something everyday. Teach her how to shop for her body and integrate boho pieces into her daily look while still being true to her classic aesthetic. Embrace high/low shopping to ensure that she has pieces she can be proud of to wear on an evening out, traveling the world or on the floor with kids.

From the client: 

Boy, has my life changed after working with Mellicia! After many years of the frumpy mom look, it was really time for a change! And I feel like the change represents so much more. I've found the real me again! This was definitely worth the investment.

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Tammi K.

Daring, Functional, Tailored


When Tammi and I met, she had a lovely closet filled with current, tailored pieces. With a successful career in external sales, she was on point for client meetings and the day to day. Unfortunately, she felt her pieces didn’t show her individuality. As a sports fan and the mom of two very active kids, she was at a loss when it came to translating a polished style to the weekends.

Approach: Find more daring pieces that are still work appropriate to integrate into her wardrobe. Create a framework for Tammi to follow to look and feel like herself on the weekends, even at the most casual events. Introduce her to new retailers that give her more freedom to express her fashion forward side.

From the client:

Mellicia takes every aspect in your life into consideration.  She helped me find the style that helps me feel confident but also fits into my crazy lifestyle.  I cannot say enough about what she has done for me and how much I look forward to working with her in the future.

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Feminine, Sexy, Modern


When Jess and I began working together she was on the precipice of a new phase in her life. About to leave her career in business to find her new passion, she wasn't sure exactly what she needed clothes for. She had long struggled with finding pieces that she loved when shopping and found the one area of her life that lacked inspiration was her wardrobe. 

Approach: Jess is an adventurer at the core. Ensure that this side of her comes out in her clothing. Expose her to new retailers that deliver high quality pieces that work well for her curvy figure. Teach her how to balance new offbeat trends with classic elements. Choose pieces that will work for a wide variety of situations depending on the styling. 

From the client: 

Buying her "Style 360 Package" is some of the best money I have spent on myself. Mellicia was not only helpful and encouraging of my new ventures but tremendous in looking forward to what I would need stylistically.  

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Minimal, Menswear Inspired, Engaging


Jo’s closet was filled with a rainbow of colors. Looking at it, just made you happy. Unfortunately, she struggled with finding a more modern, relaxed way to style it all. As a very active technology professional, her pieces vacillated between workout clothes and conservative button downs. She needed her overall look to be more authentic to her personality and lifestyle.

Approach: Fill in her wardrobe with current pieces that tie together her other items. Channel her love of menswear and tailored looks and integrate those with Seattle-tech appropriate casual pieces.

From the client: 

Mellicia was amazing & working with her was a delight. She made shopping fun for someone who hates it. I still love my workout clothes but now they are used primarily for sports activities.

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Bold, Refined, Distinctive


Another client referred Brooke when her life course was shifting. After a successful career in public service, Brooke's primary focus had moved away from the office but her wardrobe had not. She was struggling to find clothes that were functional for her new life and still expressed her love of all things bold and interesting. Instead of the dedicated staffer in the shadows confined to a conservative wardrobe, she was now a philanthropist with the opportunity to wear whatever she chose. But, she was having a hard time choosing. 

Approach: Ensuring that her carefully curated pieces had the opportunity to shine, we embraced her love of Kate Spade, Marimekko and the like while investing in high quality workhorse items that complemented her triangle shaped frame. Shopping local we also stayed true to her love of boutiques. Most importantly, we rid her of pieces that made her feel dowdy despite seeming practical. This way, every item in her closet made her look like the woman she had become and still worked well whether she was at a board meeting, a charity event with her husband or hanging out with her son.

From the client: 

It's been said by many others, but it bears repeating: Mellicia Marx changes lives.

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Inventive, Daring, Classic


After losing weight, Jenny found Poplin on Yelp. Once she read the reviews, she headed to the client page where she quickly discovered an old friend’s photo. She reached out to her about me and after the thumbs up, we met for the initial consultation.

Jenny is daring, sincere and decisive. After losing weight, she was struggling to find a style that was true to her edgier side, age appropriate and still right for work. Upon discovering that she was suddenly able to fit into clothes that were previously unavailable to her, she was motivated but stumped.

Approach: Showing off her hourglass figure with clothes that were functional for her lifestyle was essential. Furthermore, we needed to insert her personality into her wardrobe. The Closet Edit and Uber Wishlist resulted in a new approach. Gone were the oversized jeans and tees. Now, weekends and days working from home called for skinny (her first pair!) jeans or jersey maxi skirts. Going out for sophisticated events called for sheath dresses and everything else was sprinkled with bold pieces that communicated her love for the unconventional. 

From the client: 

I feel like me again, at last! And this wouldn't have been possible without Mellicia's enthusiastic and caring approach. Her questions were gentle but probing, and she was so supportive as I was trying to put my feelings into words. She encouraged me to try new things, and as I started to have confidence in my choices and in my look, she was my cheerleader and counselor. I am hooked. I've already told my family that this is the gift of my future, and I expect to be one of Mellicia's clients for a long, long time.

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Put together and still approachable, Fun, Sophisticated without being too stuffy

Photography by Justin Marx

Photography by Justin Marx

An attorney, community activist, wife and mom to a young son, Bridgette is the very definition of a multitasker. When I met her she looked very put together, but I soon learned that her husband did all of her shopping. (He also surprised her with my services as a gift.) Her clothes needed to be appropriate, but she felt uninspired and was certainly in a clothing rut. Additionally, she struggled with how to pair various pieces with one another to make her outfits more interesting.

Approach: Provide detailed explanations in her personal profile to empower her to create her own looks. Also, invest in one significant shopping excursion that only had items that would effortlessly mix and match with one another to make things easy. Show her how to be bold while still dressing appropriately for her various roles. 

From the client:

It has been almost a year since I first worked with Mellicia, and it's the gift that keeps on giving.  I have continued to buy new, interesting clothes, and I feel excited about getting dressed in the morning.  Mellicia holds periodic client events, which offer additional opportunities to shop with her.  A personal stylist may feel like an indulgence, but feeling good about yourself is so fundamental that it's worth the investment.

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Professional, Feminine but not girly, Relaxed


Kim was the lucky winner of a complimentary Closet Edit and immediately upgraded to the Style 360. More interested in function than fashion, Kim noticed a steady decline in the quality of her wardrobe after the birth of her son. Between work and family time, shopping was at the bottom of the list. She was also unsure about what worked for her body shape. She wanted her clothes to enhance her lifestyle not restrict her from any activities. And, she didn't want to have to devote a lot of time to maintaining her look.

Approach: Kim needed some clear guidelines to help her choose clothes that were flattering and the support to know that she could ask questions throughout the process. She was also very committed to some of her favorite pieces. So, we'd make sure she knows how to style her favs to work for her body and integrate new items. Helping her understand what works during shopping and the edit were key. Best of all, seeing the seemingly endless ways to mix and match pieces would ensure she could look great with only a few minutes to get ready.

From the client:

I am interested in looking good, but never had the understanding of how to dress best for my body type, nor what to look for in clothes. I feel so much better about how I dress now. The clothes go from playing on the floor with my kid, to working at the office.

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Tailored, Bohemian, Distinctive


Tarah is a successful professional in a fashion-conscious office. She already had a handle on style, but after the birth of her second child found she just didn't have the time or energy to devote to shopping. Plus, she was looking for a few tips to flatter her new post-baby figure. Tarah was ready to trade in her predominantly black work wardrobe and start fresh with a completely new wardrobe.

Approach: Because Tarah is a logical thinker, the personal profile was sure to educate her quickly on how to find the best items for her figure. When I visited her house, it became clear that she loved Southwestern colors, patterns and had a love of batik. She also loved black. So we would mix tailored and boho for work and play, ensuring she communicated the same personal style regardless of her environment. 

From the client: 

She totally and completely got me. I felt giddy looking at my list... I went in to this whole thing expecting her to help me hide my mommy tummy, but she ended up teaching me how to actually accentuate what I initially thought was my biggest flaw. She totally changed the way I feel about myself! All my new clothes make me feel GREAT and as much as I'd like to think  that I simply look hot in my leather pants, it's more likely that my new found confidence is what has had such a positive effect on my marriage.

From the client's husband:

Wow...that's one hell of a service! Worth every penny!

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Effortless, Functional, Understated


Rose's husband reached out when he heard her struggles with clothes as she prepared to return to work after the birth of her son. They have an active lifestyle and Rose often bikes to work. She was looking for clothes that worked for her post baby body and an experience that fit with her new schedule. As a petite, she was also concerned about fit.

Approach: Make getting dressed fun instead of a source of stress. Educate Rose on clothes that work for her body now AND in the future as her figure continues to change. Because of the complexity of her needs (petite, clothes that are suitable for nursing, etc.), shopping at one or two stores is limiting. The Uber Wishlist allows her to get what she needs while shopping on her terms (aka the middle of the night). Ensure she can get ready in record time, looking and feeling beautiful and authentic.

From the client:

When my husband told me about your business, I thought, "I'm sure every girl I know would love this." ... I have to say, this experience exceeded my expectations. I got dressed in about 10 minutes today using your outfits. It was SO great. Less stress, more sleep!

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